Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Good news for a new businessman!!!

Now we sale a few e-book as a reference for new businessmen outside there. We believe this a few e-book will assist you in planning a business preparation. This e-book is an addtional to our a few business tools document that we sell previously in this blog. If you interested please click to the side menu on this blog. After you submit a payment, please contact us for further assistant to send this e-book to you.

Berita baik bagi usahawan baru!!!

Sekarang kami menambah lagi beberapa e-book berguna dalam bidang perniagaan. Kepada usahawan baru dan pelajar-pelajar dalam bidang perniagaan, boleh mendapatkan e-book ini sebagai rujukan masing - masing. Berikut ialah tajuk - tajuk e-book tersebut:

This is the list of our new e-book:

  1. Worksheet of Business Selection - The following worksheet will help you choose the business that’s right for you. It’s important that you take the time to evaluate all aspects very deeply.

  2. Business Proposal - A good reference to prepare a proposal to your client.

  3. Market Study Outline - A good reference to prepare a market servey in new product or services.

  4. Loan Agreement format - A good sample or format of making loan agreement.

Get all this e-book for only $10 - 15 usd only. This is a promotion rate for Harvest Festival for this month. The promotion will be ended on the end of june this year.

For further information:

+6012 836 9005.

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